Over the past year the Test-it 10™ Urine Test Strips (Urinalysis) have been completely redeveloped and refined to create a new incredibly high quality urine analysis test. The Test-it 10™ leads the market in terms of test performance with reaction times and test accuracy ahead of all competitors.

Countless hours have been spent on research and development in our laboratories to ensure the colour accuracy of the Test-it 10™ results are second to none. Reaction colours are incredibly bright and an exact match to those on the results label which has been painted instead of printed to provide even clearer colour references. Special care was taken to ensure easy determination between results to not leave the user guessing. The Test-it 10™ needs only 60 seconds to completely develop accurate results before being read and 90-120 seconds for the Leucocytes parameter. Thanks to the advanced chemical formulae used in Test-it 10™ Urine Test Strips, cross-reactions and false positives are kept to an absolute minimum.

Test-it 10™ Urinalysis tubes are supplied with a cap containing aggressive moisture absorbing (desiccant) material as well as a tube treated with UV preventative chemical formula. This ensures a low humidity level in the tube as well as protecting the highly sensitive reagent strips from UV damage. These precautions are taken to ensure accuracy and prolong the shelf life of the products. Test-it 10™ Urine Reagent Strips do not require refrigeration and have a shelf life of 18 months from the date of manufacture.

Test-it 10™ complies with strict ISO 13485/2016 quality standards and has been listed with the US FDA as well as being CE Certified.