LDH500 – Urine Analyzer


LDH 500 Urine Analyzer: • 520 tests per hour • Semi-automatic system • Plug-and-play • Touch screen display • Bar code reader • Optical image recognition • Low maintenance • Easy LIS/HIS integration Designed for Test-it™ urine test strips #DNXmedical #affordable #quality #medicaldevices #medicaldiagnostics #healthcare #urineanalyzer #urinalysis #urineteststrips #urinereagenttest

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Test-it 10™ Urine Test Strips (Urinalysis)


Over the past year the Test-it 10™ Urine Test Strips (Urinalysis) have been completely redeveloped and refined to create a new incredibly high quality urine analysis test. The Test-it 10™ leads the market in terms of test performance with reaction times and test accuracy ahead of all competitors. Countless hours have been spent on research [...]

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