HIV aids is a major health issue and cause for concern in Southern Africa as well as Globally. Approximately 12-13% of South Africans are HIV positive equating to about 7.1 million people.

Getting tested for HIV is not only important for your health but also for your partners and relatives. The growth of new infections continues to pose serious health risks despite efforts from NGOs and governments. The fact is that HIV is preventable, and you can reduce or eliminate your risk.

This is why DNX Medical has chosen to focus on distributing highly accurate, high quality HIV tests into the market. DNX has distributed over 200 000 HIV tests since August 2017.

Every batch of our HIV tests undergoes stringent NICD testing to ensure quality and accuracy. The tests are CE registered, manufactured under ISO13485 and ISO9001 and in accordance with GMP standards. WHO prequalification of this specific HIV test is in progress.

Due to the HIV test’s high quality and competitive price it is also being listed with ASISA for Corporate Wellness testing/wellness days and it is currently being reviewed by the two biggest mine groups in Africa for their employee wellness programmes.

DNX’s mission is to provide our clients with high quality yet affordable diagnostics. Our HIV test range is at the forefront of this vision due to the utmost importance of effectively combating the rate of HIV infection in South Africa. Where others cut corners on quality to get the lowest price in the market, DNX puts quality first and spending countless hours to source materials and products from select manufacturers themselves DNX can offer our high-quality tests at the same market leading prices.