LDH500 – Urine Analyzer


LDH 500 Urine Analyzer: • 520 tests per hour • Semi-automatic system • Plug-and-play • Touch screen display • Bar code reader • Optical image recognition • Low maintenance • Easy LIS/HIS integration Designed for Test-it™ urine test strips #DNXmedical #affordable #quality #medicaldevices #medicaldiagnostics #healthcare #urineanalyzer #urinalysis #urineteststrips #urinereagenttest

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Test-it 10™ Urine Test Strips (Urinalysis)


Over the past year the Test-it 10™ Urine Test Strips (Urinalysis) have been completely redeveloped and refined to create a new incredibly high quality urine analysis test. The Test-it 10™ leads the market in terms of test performance with reaction times and test accuracy ahead of all competitors. Countless hours have been spent on research [...]

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Hiv Aids Is A Major Health Issue


HIV aids is a major health issue and cause for concern in Southern Africa as well as Globally. Approximately 12-13% of South Africans are HIV positive equating to about 7.1 million people. Getting tested for HIV is not only important for your health but also for your partners and relatives. The growth of new infections [...]

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